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Learn how we enable financial advisors to improve client relationships, increase asset retention, generate additional revenue, and provide a cost-effective estate planning solution for their clients.

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Paul Rabalais
Chief Estate Planning Officer
Create sticker client relationship, increasing asset retention, and generating revenue are just a few of the advantages of incorporating estate planning into your wealth management practice. Not to mention, It's simply the right thing to do for your client.
Paul Rabalais
Co-Founder & Chief Estate Planning Officer

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What customers are saying

5 star review

"Building our estate plan with MyAdvocate was so helpful! The process was easy and now I feel like my family is protected."

- Nancy, MyAdvocate Customer

5 star review

"Love the step-by-step Guide. Estate planning is new for us but it felt like we had guidance the entire time building out our plan. "

- Alexis, MyAdvocate Customer

5 star review

"As a small business owner, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to protect the future of my business. MyAdvocate made it easy to plan ahead."

- Brent, MyAdvocate Customer