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The Benefits of Planned Giving

Simplify your giving program to boost fundraising. Planned giving attracts more donors, strengthens relationships, and unlocks bigger contributions.

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Our Estate Plans


Simple Will Plan

Name a guardian for your minor children, distribute your estate equally among family members, and determine who makes medical and financial decisions when you can’t.

Most Flexible

Custom Will Plan

Everything included in our Simple Will Plan, plus the ability to leave specific assets to whoever you like and customize how and when they receive them with increased control.

Most Protection

Living Trust Plan

Everything in our Custom Will Plan, plus the ability to avoid Probate court, saving your loved ones time and money when you're gone.

How it Works

Help donors create their estate plan in as little as 20 minutes.
Step 1

Selects a Plan

Donors clarify objectives and select the Estate Plan that is right for them through our assessment. They can update or upgrade their estate plan anytime without losing any work.

Step 2

Answer Simple Questions

Answer straightforward questions to complete their Estate Plan. Each question has video and text support making it easy to understand. Your Nonprofit will be prefilled as an option. Once they finish each section, they review their decisions using our visual diagrams.

Step 3

Print and Sign the Documents

If they have detailed a gift to the Nonprofit, the price of their documents will be subsidized. Donors then print and sign documents with a notary to make them official.

Offer your donors peace of mind

Learn how MyAdvocate's self-direct estate planning solution puts your donors best interests first.

Revocable Living Trust

Provides donors with financial and legal tools to protect their family and minimize the costs and conflict associated with estate administration.

Last Will & Testament

Provides donors the means to protect and provide for their family’s future by designating guardian(s) and choosing who will inherit their assets and personal property.

Durable Power of Attorney

Ensures your donors are taken care of in an emergency by providing them with the tools to name an agent to handle their money and property when they are incapable.

Healthcare Documents

Make it easy for donors to create a living will and select a healthcare agent to make medical decisions on their behalf when they are unable.*

MyAdvocate Platform

Provide donors with ongoing access to estate planning tools and education ensuring their plan stays up to date and meets their circumstances.

My Plan Visualized

Your donors don't need to speak legalese. All our estate planning documents come with visual diagrams, making their estate plan easy to understand.

*MyAdvocate will determine, based on the donors state of residence, whether their health care legal documents include an Advance Health Care Directive, or a Health Care Power of Attorney and a Living Will.

Why forward-thinking Nonprofits choose MyAdvocate

Simplify Planned Giving

We make planned giving easy by providing donors with the right tools to bequest cash, stock, and other assets to your nonprofit.

Support & Guidance

Your donors are guided through the estate planning process with text and video support at every step. If they have more questions, our support team is there to help.

Customized Planning

We customize our engagement to meet your planned giving objectives by offering a range of engagements, from lightweight donor discounts to strategic donor initiatives.

I feel so much better now that I have this completed!!
I was hesitant to plan my estate on an online platform. The website was very easy to use. The videos that explain each section were very helpful. I was really able to email for my additional questions. The gentleman that helped me via email was very patient and helpful. I highly recommend this website. I am happy to know that my children will be able to inherit what i have worked so hard for my whole life.

Excellent and easy way to get estate planning done.
I highly recommend MyAdvocate as an estate planner.The tutorials and explanations as you answer questions are very informative, easy to understand and navigate through the site. is efficient, flexible, and affordable.I will be sharing this with all my family, friends.

Exceptionally Easy and Thorough
Exceptionally Easy and Thorough - I was thrilled to find a way for me to create my estate plan at my own pace. MyAdvocate walked me through all of the steps and it gave me the options I needed. Highest recommendation!

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