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Why AAA members love MyAdvocate

You can create an estate plan in as little as 15 minutes and protect your family for life.

Name Guardians

Appoint a guardian so that a judge will not decide who raises your children.

Designate Heirs

Make sure your wishes are known  by choosing who will inherit your assets and posessions and when they receive them.

Plan For Pets

Make sure your pets are provided and loved for throughout their lives.

Make Health Decisions

Ensure you are taken care of in an emergency by making your health and financial wishes known and providing authority for those you love and trust to act on your behalf.

Minimize Conflict

Reduce the potential for family conflict by creating a plan and ensuring your wishes are known.

Update When Needed

As your life changes, so should your plan. MyAdvocate allows you to make easy updates at a fraction of the cost of a traditional attorney.

MyAdvocate vs. Traditional Attorney

What MyAdvocate clients are saying

I feel so much better now that I have this completed!!
I was hesitant to plan my estate on an online platform. The website was very easy to use. The videos that explain each section were very helpful. I was really able to email for my additional questions. The gentleman that helped me via email was very patient and helpful. I highly recommend this website. I am happy to know that my children will be able to inherit what I have worked so hard for.

Something all of us needs to do as well…
Something all of us needs to do as well as something that all of us puts off. I would recommend My Advocate to everyone. It is fairly easy to use and walks you through the experience. However, not being an attorney or estate planner you may need additional help. My Advocate provides excellent support services and the person I talked to was the best. He thoroughly took his time to guide me through my questions.

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